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DOTS digital art magazine


DOTS digital art magazine empfiehlt unser Festival auf ihrer Homepage unter der Rubrik "World of Art"! Darüber freuen wir uns sehr!

Besucht das junge Magazin auf Facebook, Twitter oder auf ihrer Homepage.

Den Verweis auf unser Festival findet ihr HIER!


Über das Magazin:

»Dots Digital Art Magazine is the new digital iPad magazine that puts contemporary art in the spotlight using an innovative and interactive approach. Dots is created for real art lovers and for anyone in need of a powerful dose of amazing creativity. Art of the world, for the world. Dots Digital Art Magazine epitomizes innovation, surprise, enthusiasm and creativity.

With every edition, Dots comes a little closer to attaining the goal of bringing you the most inspiring creative tours de forces the world has to offer. Dots wants to be your personal guide to the world of contemporary art. Preferably with an uber-hip, innovative redesign. Dots is written in English and will be published four times a year. In addition to the quarterly publication of Dots, you can get your daily dose of Dots on Facebook«



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