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Jury International Competition

Tony Brown


Artist and professor at the Paris Art Academy. Lives in Beijing and Paris. He has avoided the art scene and gallery exhibitions, much preferring experimentation to production. His work continually investigates the effects of the excess of technology on our daily lives. Participant at the documenta IX in Kassel, his work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in Canada, Europe and the USA. His most famous projects include Downtime in Witte de With, Rotterdam, 1996, which was among the first interactive exhibitions that incorporated the Internet and three­ dimensional animation.



Alain Fleischer


Writer, filmmaker, artist and photographer. The founder and director of the Le Fresnoy French Institute for Postgraduates has directed over 150 films, which have been presented at festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam, New York, Montreal or Venice. Numerous retrospectives of his works have been held, including at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, the Centre Pompidou as well as in Moscow, Kiev, Seoul and Shanghai.



Nina Hoss


Is the most internationally well­known German actress of her generation. She was only 14 when she first set foot on the stage. She gained fame with roles such as Emilia Galotti, Minna von Barnhelm and Medea. Today, she is a member of the Berlin Schaubühne Ensemble. High­ lights of her film career – in addition to her title roles for Christian Petzold (Phönix, Yella, Barbara) – include films with Anton Corbijn and most recently with Volker Schlön­ dorff (Rückkehr nach Montauk, 2017). She also played the part of Astrid in the American TV series Homeland.

Photo: Stefan Klüter


Ed Lachman


Jury President. Award­winning cinematographer and documentary filmmaker. Studied painting, then assisted such greats as Robby Müller, Sven Nykvist and Vittorio Storaro. He works in Hollywood as well as for independent films and has filmed with Herzog, Wenders and Ulrich Seidl as well as Sofia Coppola (The Virgin Suicides, 1999), Steven Soderbergh (Erin Brockovich, 2000), artist Laurie Simmons and repeatedly with Todd Haynes, e.g. in I‘m not there (2007) or Carol (2015). Oscar nomination for Far from Heaven (2002), Marburg Camera Prize and an award for his complete oeuvre in L.A. in February 2017.