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International Competition

Hollywood im Kunstmuseum


Marcus Shahar, „The Curator“, 2011, HD, 4 Min. 25 Sek., Courtesy G.D.K Galerie, Berlin

Marcus Shahar, The Curator (ISR 2011, HD, 4 Min. 25 Sek., enOF)

German Premiere

The Curator draws a glamourous and grotesque picture of the art world, where the curator reigns supreme. The film offers a \"behind-the-scenes\" look into an impulse-ridden world that is often perceived as a detached, elitist bubble dominated by people who wish to gain prestige by means of artworks and artists.

Marcus Shahar, born in 1971 in Petach Tikva, studied linguistics and art history at the University of Tel Aviv. He lives in Tel Aviv. In 2009 he participated in the Moscow Biennial and Nuit Blanche, Paris. Solo exhibitions since 2004 included MOCA Hiroshima; The Petach Tikva Museum of Art; G.D.K Gallery, Berlin.



Judy Ross, „Los Angeles, Where Ideas Come to Die“, 2012, HD, 6 Min. 9 Sek., Courtesy Galerie Maurer, Frankfurt

Judy Ross, Los Angeles, Where Ideas Come to Die

(USA 2012, HD, 6 Min. 9 Sek., enOF)

A parody of the film noir genre and at the same timeaparaphrase of Walter Benjamin\'s ideas of the aura. Retired but spirited diva Gloria, upset at finding a young starlet dead in her swimming pool, hires a detective to investigate the girl\'s identity. A choreography of light and shadow composed of static vignettes and talking heads, this film revolves around Los Angeles.

Judy Ross,born in 1978 in Germany, studied at the Berlin University of the Arts and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen. She lives in Berlin. She participated in the Stuttgarter Filmwinter, 2006. Solo exhibitions since 1999 included Banff Centre, Canada; TÄT, Berlin; KunstWerk, Cologne; Gallery Maurer, Frankfurt.



M+M, „SamstagSonntagMontag“, 2012, HD, 9 Min. 22 Sek., Courtesy Galerie Walter Storms, München

M+M, SamstagSonntagMontag

(DEU 2012, HD, 9 Min. 22 Sek., deOmeU)

In SaturdaySundayMonday, the same male protagonist appears in different roles, each a new interpretation of key scenes from John Badham\'s \"Saturday Night Fever\", Jean-Luc Godard\'s \"Le Mépris\" and Stanley Kubrick\'s \"Shining\", shown as a splitscreen from two perspectives. Depending on the day of the week the mood and personality of the main character change radically.

M+M stands for the artistic collaboration between Marc Weis, born in 1965, and Martin De Mattia, born in 1963. Exhibitions included Folkwang Museum, Essen; Hamburger Kunsthalle; Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich. Solo exhibitions since 1996 include Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen; Museum of Photography, Berlin; Galerie Walter Storms, Munich.



Reynold Reynolds, „Lost Scene Number Six: Reanimations-Experiment 1. Versuch am Menschen“, 1933/2013, HD, 8 Min.

Reynold Reynolds, Lost Scene Number Six: Reanimations-Experiment 1. Versuch am Menschen

(DEU 1933/2013, HD, 8 Min., deOF)

World Premiere

The scene is taken from the film “Die Verlorenen” (1933) and shows how a young woman who has just been murdered, is being resurrected. The material was recently uncovered in Siberia and was intended to become a commercial Vampire-movie. It has now become part of a restoration- and art-project, entitled “The Lost”, which preoccupies Reynold Reynolds since 2011.

Reynold Reynolds, born 1966, studied physics in Colorado and art in New York, lives in Berlin. In 2011 he participated in the Videonale Bonn and Transmediale Berlin. Exhibitions a.o. Sprengel Museum, Hannover; MOMA, New York; Wrocław Contemporary Museum. Solo exhibitions since 2004 a.o. Videotage, Hong Kong; Kunsthalle Wien; Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.



Bjørn Melhus, „I´m Not the Enemy“, 2011, HD, 13 Min. 30 Sek., Courtesy Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt.

Bjørn Melhus, I´m Not the Enemy

(DEU 2011, HD, 13 Min. 30 Sek., enOmdU)

I´m Not the Enemy is the story of a soldier who returns home after a war only to feel like a stranger. At the mercy of a psychotic family situation, he feels detached from a society which doesn\'t know anything about the real state of war and perhaps doesn\'t even care. Is it ever possible to return from war?

Bjørn Melhus, born in 1966, studiedat the HBK Braunschweig and CalArts, Los Angeles. Professor at the Kunsthochschule Kassel since 2003. He lives in Berlin. Won numerous awards at international film festivals. Solo exhibitions since 1999 included Denver Art Museum; Kunsthalle Bremen; Goethe Institut, New York; Sprengel Museum, Hannover; Galerie Anita Beckers, Frankfurt.



Christoph Girardet / Matthias Müller, „Meteor“, 2011, 35mm, 15 Min.

Christoph Girardet / Matthias Müller, Meteor

(DEU 2011, 35mm, 15 Min., enOF)

Combining images from movies, fragments of folk- and fairytales and old science fiction material, Meteor tries to capture the life and mind of a boy at the threshold to self-discovery. His imagination, fed by the media, takes him on a phantasmatic journey from his bedroom into an artificial cosmos.

Christoph Girardet, born in 1966, studied at the HBK Braunschweig. Solo exhibitions included Kunstverein Hannover; Sean Kelly Gallery, New York. Matthias Müller, born 1961, studied at the Bielefeld University and HBK Braunschweig. Professor for experimental film at KHM, Cologne. He has organized numerous avant garde film events.



Loris Gréaud, „The Snorks: A Concert for Creatures“, 2012, HD, 22 Min. 19 Sek.

Loris Gréaud, The Snorks: A Concert for Creatures

(FRA 2012, DCP/Apple Pro Res, 22 Min. 19 Sek., enOmfrU)

The film The Snorks: A Concert for Creatures is the final instalment of a long-term project. Shot around the world, it combines scientific research, poetry, rap music, fireworks and an urban legend into a hallucinatory epic inspired by the discovery of a mysterious world and its inhabitants – the deep sea.

Loris Gréaud, born 1979, studied music at the Conservatoire de Musique and graphic arts at the ENSPAC, Paris. He lives in France. Prix Ricard 2005. He participated in the Venice Biennale, 2011. Solo exhibitions since 2004 included Pace, New York; ICA, London; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Kunsthalle Wien; Kunsthalle St. Gallen; La Conservera, Murcia; Yvon Lambert Gallery, Paris.

25.04.2013, 8 p.m.