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Official Selection International Competition 

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Julian Rosefeldt, Still from Deep Gold, GER 2014, 18'12

Excerpts | No Trailer 

Julian Rosefeldt "Deep Gold"

An homage to Luis Buñuel's surrealist masterpiece (and at its time of creation scandalous film) “L'âge d'or”, relocated to the roaring 1920's in Berlin. In the film which functions as a fictional insert into the original movie the protagonist, overwhelmed by an omnipresent sexual energy, gets lost in the nightclub „Deep Gold”, where a world full of lust and desire awaits him.

Sven Johne "Jutta"

A woman holds a monologue about the social rise of her son Erik, a businessman who has planned to use money from international investors to build a hotel resort on a heavenly island for the richest of the rich  – and for her, Jutta, his mother. Slowly, however, her story unravels and Erik’s success story crashes. Jutta’s monologue contains verbatim passages from the speeches of German-Brazilian businessman Eike Baista, who became the seventh richest person on the planet overnight – before losing everything again.  

Oliver Pietsch "Tales Of Us"  

Love, lust and passion, as the cinema sees it. From adolescents to adults to the elderly, film excerpts ranging from “film d’auteur” to Hollywood movies show us their deep emotions.