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GALLERY PROGRAM 24. - 28.04.2013


LISA TAN Sunsets, 2012 HD video, with sound, 22.30 minutes, edition 5 + 2 AP

The video takes it's beginning from an informal translation and transcription (Portuguese to English) of a 1977 interview with the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector (1920-1977). Lispector's figurative and highly imaginative stories approach the limits of subjectivity in remarkable ways.  The piece layers the interview with scenes that were filmed in Sweden during the liminal zone of either 3am during the summer, or 3pm during the winter. The work addresses notions of passivity in relation to creative labor.

Lisa Tan, born 1973, Syracuse, New York, is an artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. She is represented by Galerie Andreas Grimm (Munich), and Galerie Vidal Cuglietta (Brussels), and has been included in several solo and group exhibitions at international art institutions and galleries.


Andreas Grimm München, Türkenstr. 11, 80333 München