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Galerie Karin Sachs
April 16 - 26, 2015

Rasender Stillstand

Laura Kansy/Felix Klee/Annika Sehn, „Die Möglichkeit einer ausweglosen Situation“, 2015, 3-Kanal-Video, 5’, Foto: Laura Kansy

Christian Illi, Lea Jäger, Janna Jirkova, Laura Kansy, Kai Kiklas, Felix Klee, Bernhard Kreutzer, Daria Kuschev, Lisa Leitgelb, Theresa Maué, Masha Novikova, Bianca Patricia, Anne Pfeifer, Annika Sehn, Andres Torres, Patrik Thomas, Justin Urbach, Sandra Zech

An experiment in six variations: Acceleration as progress. Have we reached the pinnacle of this development? Are we rushing single-mindedly towards a general burnout of society? Will we only stare at pictures in real-time in the future? As part of a collaboration between the HFF Munich (Prof. Heiner Stadler) and the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (Prof. Julian Rosefeldt) six groups of students developed cinematic works on the themes of “deceleration / acceleration”. The filmmaker Elfi Mikesch worked as an advisor on this project.

Opening of all galleries: April 23, 2015, 6 p.m. -  9 p.m.

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