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Nir Altman Galerie

Noa Gur, ‘Tears go Black’, 2 Kanal­Video­Installation, 200, 2’29’’ (Installationsansicht) © Noa Gur. Courtesy of the artist

Nir Altman Gallery presents three video pieces that focus on events unfolding in domestic scenarios. The instal­ lations portray a series of everyday circumstances that gradually change from banal mundane settings to more hazardous dimensions that hint at undertones of domestic violence, emotional emergency and family drama. In allusion to the fatal combination of electricity and water the two­channel video installation Tears Go Black (Noa Gur, 2009) shows an electricity socket dribbling black liquid as well as a puddle of black water that refers to Frank Stella‘s Black Paintings. A dinner table that seems to be stained with blood­red paint is shown in Slow light (Dionis Escorsa, 2002). Finally, inspired by three Japanese poems from the 7th century, ISHI (An Laphan, 2016) describes a young wife awaiting her husband, not knowing that he is doomed to die.

18/04/17, 7.00 p.m.

Artist Talk with Noa Gur
18/04/17, 8.00 p.m. 

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The exhibition will be open from 19/04/17 – 23/04/17

Nir Altman Galerie
Ringseisstr. 4 (Rückgebäude)
80337 München