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Repeat Wut

International Competition

City Kino

Mattias Härenstam, Prospekt, NOR 2017, 16’ © Nils Petter Lotherington


NOR 2017, 4K, 16’, NORWEGIAN

Cast: Jesper Malm, Edith Haagenrud, Melina Tranulis, Terje Ranes, Kikki Stormo, Frode Winther, Oddrun Valestrand


A man sits alone in his car, screaming in a fit of futile anger and despair. Everything in his life seems to be collapsing. A successful real estate agent and previously a happy family man, he can‘t grasp what is going on with him and the world. Because he is not able to talk about his problems, he begins to turn away from his family, friends and work colleagues. Half psychodrama, half dark political satire, this film treats the question of what happens when a former winner begins to lose. 

Born in 1977, studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen, Norway, and at Städelschule, Frankfurt. Numerous exhibitions worldwide, a.o. at Vigeland Museum, Oslo; Whitechapel Gallery, London; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel; Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Lifetime artist grant from the Norwegian Government in 2010; nominated for the Lorck Schive Art Prize 2017, the most prestigious art prize in Norway. 

Selected Films: Reconstruction (2013), Portrait of a man reminiscent of my father (2011)

Shoja Azari, Simple Little Lives, USA 2016, 80’39’’. International distribution: Wide Management


USA 2016, 2K, 80’39’’, ENGLISH

Cast: Natalie Hall, Brock Harris, Kieran Campion, Christopher Sears, Rosie Benton, Paul Pilcz, JJ Condon, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Ashley Trawinski, Dylan Perlman


As they do every year, nine friends meet to grill a pig over an open fire at night – a generations-old tradition diligently upheld in the rural Adirondacks in New York. This time, however, a mysterious uninvited stranger from the city also comes. He acts as a catalyst who – as the evening advances and the alcohol intake increases – exposes the simmering tensions in the group. An open conflict develops. This work is a parable about social differences, frustration and the propensity to violence in the young white generation in the USA.

Born in 1958, lives in New York. Since 1998 close collaboration with Shirin Neshat, that successfully began with the installation Turbulent which won the Golden Lion at the 48th Venice Biennale. Followed by the SIlver Lion for the movie Women Without Men eleven years later. Exhibitions at the Haus der Kulturen, Berlin; ICA London; Centre Pompidou, Paris et al.

Selected films: King of Black (2013), Women Without Men (2009), Windows (2006), K (2002)

23.04.2017, 2.30 p.m.