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Retrospektive Isaac Julien

Cinema from an artist who films with the eye of a painter

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Isaac Julien Western Union: Small Boats I 2007 Installation view, Museum Brandhorst, Munich Five-screen installation, super 16mm colour film, transferred to High Definition, 5.1 sound, 18’ 22” Collection of Museum Brandhorst, Munich

A still-life of an exquisite landscape, opulent interiors, dancing bodies – with Isaac Julien, a painterly eye accompanies even the most difficult themes. His films beguile the senses and tickle the gray cells at the same time. They are fascinatingly formal compositions, constructed at the edge of the abyss of reality. Julien is the aesthete among today's artists: Every film-still is a painting; every body a sculpture; every movement a dance step. The most important leitmotifs for Isaac Julien – born in London of parents from the Caribbean – are thinly veiled behind the perfection of his filmed tableaux: migration and identity, civilization and colonialism, the confrontation between poor and rich, yesterday and today, mass culture and art history. This is cinema from an artist who films with the eye of a painter.

KINO DER KUNST presents a comprehensive retrospective with feature films, multi-channel works and full-length documentaries. Cinema 1 of the HFF Munich will show Julien´s award-winning film "Young Soul Rebels" (1991), the docu-fiction "Frantz Fanon, White Mask Black Skin" (1996), the short films "The Attendant" (1993), "Three" (1999) and "Baltimore" (2003) as well as his homage to deceased film pioneer Derek Jarman, "Derek" (2008). The Brandhorst Museum will show the six-channel installation "WESTERN UNION: Small Boats" (2007), which focuses on Sicily and African boat people; the Goetz Collection will present his reflection on African cinema "Fantôme Creole" (2005) on four screens. On April 25 at 6 p.m. KINO DER KUNST invites to an artist talk with Isaac Julien in the Pinakothek der Moderne / Schaustelle. The conversation will be presented by Heinz Peter Schwerfel, the Artistic Director of KINO DER KUNST.


Isaac Julien is furthermore part of our jury of the international competition.

We are so happy.



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