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International Competition & Special Screening

HFF AudimaxX

Susanne Steinmassl & Julia Stiebert, ‘The Show Show’, 2016, 26‘ © Output Syndicate, Susanne Steinmassl, HFF Munich


(DEU/UKR 2016, HD, 26’, GERMAN)

A profound and absurd one-man-show by a nerve-racking moderator, repeatedly interrupted by images of the Ukraine, a country in civil war, which seems strangely calm and peaceful in the film. A self-deconstructing filmic meditation about meaninglessness and overload in a world defined by social media.

Born in 1987, lives in Munich. Filmmaker and visual artist. After studying philosophy, literature and politics, studies in film directing at the HFF Munich. Her works are regularly shown in exhibitions and festivals. Her film An Ton Kaun won the 3sat Promotional Award at 61th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in the German Competition in 2015. Since 2017 scholarship by the Kirch Foundation for her media art work „The Future Is Not Unwritten“.

Selected films: The Future Is Not Unwritten (2017), An Ton Kaun (2014), Manchmal hört es auf, wie es begonnen hat (2012)

Born in 1987. She is a filmmaker, curator and queer feminist activist and lives in Munich.  Studies in film directing at the HFF Munich. Her other films include Die Liebe der Mutter (2014).


Actually Huizenga, ‘Heavenly Sin’, 2016, 76’ © Actually Huizenga


(USA 2016, 4K, 66’, ENGLISH)

Cast: Actually Huizenga, Mara Madison, Cameron Moir, Socrates Mitsios

A convent-inclined female is forced into marrying a creepy, possessive Dude and has to live in a baby-pink Room and watch porn all day. She finally reaches her breaking point and struggles to find a small grasp of control in her life. This is a study in attaining self control, in order to loose control.

Actually Huizenga is a performer, singer, filmmaker and all-round artist from Los Angeles. By now she focuses on film which she has discovered through making music videos for her bands. She has written, produced, directed and self released four short films so far, including her most recent film Gnostic Vampire.

Filmography: Viking Angel (2014), Write a Book About It (2010), SoftRock (2010)




Mod.: Kalup Linzy, Artist, New York 

22.04.2017, 10.00 p.m.