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Gillian Wearing – Self Made

Between reality and fiction

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The debut SELF MADE of the british artist Gillian Wearing was shown at University of Television and Film Muich.

SELF MADE is at once documentary, artwork, social experiment and performance project. In 2007, Gillian Wearing placed an advert – in newspapers, online, in job centres and elsewhere. It read: “Would you like to be in a film? You can play yourself or a fictional character. Call Gillian.” Of the hundreds of people who replied, seven – chosen through an extended process of auditions, interviews and workshops – ended up appearing in SELF MADE.

A deep, warm, haunting voice accompanied not only the participants und amateur actors, but also the recipient through the whole movie. It's the voice of Sam Rumbelow – a so called "Method" Coach –  who developed with the actors in similar therapy sessions their roles from their own biographies as well as their fictional desires.

A excellent cinematography, moving individual stories and the deliberate blurring of the boundaries between reality and fiction, make the 84 minutes to a poignant film with sequences between desire and reality.

Highly recommended if you have missed it yesterday!

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Foto: Lesley Robinson in SELF MADE. © Dean Rogers Self Made Prod. ltd.


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